Retail marketing is a serious business, and it involves a lot of tough decisions, sticking to a strict budget, and dealing with different people. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t go all out and have some fun when coming up with the design. In all honesty, the ability to create your own custom pallet display is one of the top reasons why many retailers choose this type of promotional marketing in the first place.

Depending on the type of product you will be selling, you can go from adding just a hint of creativity to going the extra mile. The options are endless with a corrugated pallet display, and below we’ll show you just how imaginative you can be while still staying on-brand.

Full Pallet Display Using Your Product

Upsize your product and make it the hero of your entire display. Customize the shape of the pallet to look exactly like the product you’re selling, and fill up the display pallet rack with the products themselves. You can turn your box of crayons into an actual life-sized box of crayons, or shape the cardboard pallet display into the same shape as your bottle of shampoo.

Custom Pallet Display-3

Advertising Corrugated Pallet Highlighting Your Product

If you don’t want to go all-out into designing the entire display into the same shape as your product, then you can choose to highlight instead. Pick a spot where you want to display a large-scale image of your product and customize it into the same shape. Yes, it can be done. For instance, your tube of toothpaste can be in one corner of the paper pallet display. If it seems like capturing the product’s shape would be too complex, choose an image from your promotional campaign instead.

Custom Pallet Display-3

Custom Pallet Display Stand

For a more interesting twist to a promotional pallet, consider jazzing up the racks instead of the entire display. Arrange them in an intertwining stack or position them in such a way that highlights the rest of your display rack. Most of the time, a cardboard retail pallet would two to four sides of racks. But you can easily request to customize that depending on how you want to present your product. This method works specifically well for products that are larger, taller, or are simply designed with such unique packaging.

Custom Pallet Display-3

To Sum Up…

Whether you’re just starting up with your retail career or branching out your brand, custom pallet displays are great tools that can boost the exposure of your product, especially when you take the time to come up with a brilliant, on-brand design. You can think as out of the box as you want or simply highlight a specific angle of your product. Whatever it is, these cardboard pallet display racks and stands are ready for customization.

If you need to personalize your pallet displays or if you need a promotional pallet supplier, head on over to our catalog to see a wide variety of options for you to choose from.