• Permanent POP Display

    We create innovative, effective engagement. Our design and development of custom, permanent merchandising solutions in mixed materials help brands and retailers grow.

Permanent POP Display

In addition to our temporary display capabilities, we also provide our customers with innovative permanent display solutions. Since permanent displays are designed for long-term use in-store, they are built to withstand heavy use in a retail environment for several months to several years. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our talented creative design staff develop display concepts with the help of our selected manufacturers. Materials generally include: plastics, wire, sheet metal, wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), laminates, and vacuum-formed components.

Permanent POP Display

Permanent display solutions, the opposite of their counterpart, are generally higher quality because they need to be more durable and last a longer amount of time, through the wear and tear of the retail world. Since they have a longer lifespan, they create more of a presence for themselves in each retail environment. In a sense, they claim their territory and become a staple for loyal customers.

permanent display’s materials

Permanent displays are usually manufactured from materials that can provide a long life on the retail floor, typically well beyond a seasonal promotion.

These materials include:

  • Plastic, acrylic and form board
  • Wood
  • Wire and metal
Permanent display

Long-term effectiveness – and enduring success for your business

  • Whether you prefer plastic, metal or a mix of materials – they are stable, enduring and reliable aids which strengthen your brand identity at the point of sale.
  • Permanent displays are attractive, high-quality and clear and the optimum advertisement for your brand and product.
  • Suitable for every target group, as they can be adapted to perfectly suit your individual needs.
  • Refillable at any time, permanent displays ensure continuous sales of your products.

Custom Permanent Displays Now!

Whether a metal or plastic display or combination system: together we will develop the ideal solution for your products.