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    We specialize in helping you create successful retail marketing initiatives that boost your product sales.

You only have 10 seconds to grab customers’ attention. That passerby could be your customer if you could just get them to pick up your product. That’s why we here! Our Packaging Engineers understand how to achieve and will work with you to customize a solution to break the 10 seconds barrier. We aim to help you create successful retail marketing initiatives that boost your product sales.

We know there is no standard solution in the point of purchase field, that’s how our display solutions works – to make it as unique as your brand and products. We listen to your specific needs and collaborate to put our creative ideas up to the challenge. We just know you’ll be surprised by the results. So the only question left is, are you ready?

How to find the the best solutions fitting you?

With ready-to-print design

Great, we can bring your design into reality with your artwork. Prototype will be provided to you and possibly with our professional proposals.

Wondering the final effects?

With hundreds of different sytle displays in the catalog on our website, we are sure that some of the designs will attrace you.
If you have your own ideas,our 3D designer will also help you to make a 3D render base on your conception or sketch etc.

Have no ideas at all?

Doesn’t matter, let us know your product specification, we will customize a solution for you with our professional suggestions.

structural design

Structural Design & Graphic Design

With years of experience in creating POP displays and retail packaging, our structural design team had already applied the designs in various of industries. Grand Fly design team now is providing professional solutions to both international and Chinese well-known enterprises.

Structural Design

Our structural design team has years of experience in creating cardboard point of purchase displays and retail packaging for a wide variety of applications.
Making the structure design look unique is not the only purpose, we also aim to make it cost effective. With the experience of designing all different types of display, Grand Fly is dedicated to use the most economic way to build the display. We save our client’s cost and also save the environment by consume less raw material and replace the plastic components with recyclable material.


Visualize Effects

At Grand Fly, our Graphic Team can turn your extraordinary idea in to reality. Before proceeding to make a prototype, a 1:1 ratio 3D render will be provided to client to have a visualize image of the display. It is much ease to the oversea clients to have a fast approval for samples.

Speedy Sampling

Plain white sample is able to be finished within 1-2 working days whereas color sample might take 2-3 working days.

Sample making

Free sample Charge

Structure designing, digital color printing, tooling, sample making, flat packaging etc. Design for free, No tooling Charge, Free Sample.


Grand Fly is the manufacturer that controls the entire process in-house, insure us the highest quality standards and efficiency to get your displays and packaging to you as quickly as possible. We have our own offset printing machine, large-size auto laminating machine, auto die-cutting machine, ect. Bese on these, we are able to tightly control costs and to produce displays and packaging more quickly than other competitors.


Quality is Respect to Clients

We have always adhering to the “Quality is Respect to Clients.” business philosophy. Following the ISO 9001 quality management system, we built a strong QC team, apply the management to both product quality and working process.


1×Roland 900 5C Offset Press, Sheet Size 1200×1620
1×Roland 700 5C Offset Press, Sheet Size 740×1040
1×Kodak Trendsetter Q1600 CTP, Sheet Size 1325×1650
1×Paper Reel Sheeter, Sheet Size 1700 (W)
1×Paper Cutter, Sheet Size 1680×1680

1×Auto Laminating Machine, Sheet Size 1300×1620
1×Auto Laminating Machine, Sheet Size 1080×1450

1×Corrugated Mounting Machine, Sheet Size 1650×1650
1×Corrugated Mounting Machine, Sheet Size 1450×1450

1×Auto Die-Cutting Machine, Sheet Size 780×1060
1×Auto Die-Cutting Machine, Sheet Size 1040×1450
3×Semi-Auto Die-Cutting Machine, Sheet Size 1200×1620
1×Auto Display Gluing Machine, Sheet Size 1080×1450
1×Auto Display Gluing Machine, Sheet Size 1300×1650
1×Auto Folding-Gluing Machine, Sheet Size 1650×1650
1×Auto Box Folding and Gluing Machine, Sheet Size 1100×1100
1×Auto Box Folding and Gluing Machine, Sheet Size 780×780

1×Epson 7910 Color Proof Digital Press, Sheet Size to 610
1×Zund G3 Digital Cutter
1×Rzcrt-2516-ⅡDigital Cutter
1×Rzcrt-1813E Digital Cutter

1×Ect Board Tester
1×Cartons, Cardboard Resistance Broken Meter Machine
1×Drop Test Machine


To pack all components on a pallet, so clients can unpack and assemble the displays in the warehouse easily, it helps the client to save lots of packing costs in the meantime.


To pack 1 or several sets of displays into one carton with an assembly instruction sheet. Normally the assembly time for one set is 2-7 minutes.


We will fill in the already assembled displays with the products provided and then pack them into outer cartons, finally deliver all the items to the appointed address. Our Assembly Services Including:

· Storage of displays and goods
· Filling of individual displays by goods
· Placement on small pallets
· Load and packing on standard pallets
· Transport tests
· Storage of ready pallets
· Shipping



We Ship Worldwide!

Located close by the Shenzhen port, it’s very convenient for us to ex-port the POS displays all. We provide ocean shipment, air shipment and express delivery, just according to your requirement.

We have a long-term partnerships to delivery to goods to all over the world that we can proof our goods is safely and speedy arrive customer request space.