Display for Day

A cardboard display is an effective tool in marketing your products. Aside from being easy to assemble, it is easily customizable so you can keep up with your branding or choose a specific design for a particular product, market, or location.

cardboard floor display

Whether it’s a larger department store or a quaint little shop, getting that perfect display stand for your products can take some trial and error. But it’s the versatility of these pop-up, ready-to-go marketing presentation kit that wins retail store owners and entrepreneurs alike.

Take a deep dive into why these simple yet practical floor display solutions are a must-have for any business establishment.

custom corrugated display


Because they are made of cardboard, this type of display is an inexpensive option. Aside from the material, shipping will also cost less because of how lightweight and compact it can be. It’s also reusable and easy to transport.

Cardboard counter display


It was in 1817 when the first commercial paperboard box was used until the cardboard box was born later that same year. Seeing how effective they were, Scottish-born Robert Gair came up with a pre-cut version in 1890, which were flat pieces produced in bulk, then folded into boxes. Until now, these boards are housing a multitude of products – from single packaging to larger product displays.

countertop display box


As mentioned earlier, these displays can easily be customized to fit your brand and product, which makes it a winning promotional tool. Even the shelves can be personalized to match your needs.

point of sale display stand

Keep your precious products neatly organized in a cardboard display stand that you can use anywhere and for any occasion. Choose from a wide array of choices or customize your own for an optimal marketing strategy.